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RETRO FUTURISM – Italo Is Still Alive

RETRO FUTURISM – Italo Is Still Alive

Label: Analog Language

Release date: 23.06.2017

Catalog number: AL12


Fly To Me (Italoconnection Remix)
Full Control (Original Mix)
Digital Emotion
Neon Disco (Also Playable Mono Remix)
So Cold (Extended APM Edit)
Hunters (Extended Edit)
Don't Be Afraid (Flemming Dalum Remix)
Some Bizarre

Italo Disco had its peak time in the mid 80s, thank to such artists as Aleph, Fred Ventura, Scotch, Ken Laszlo, Den Harrow, Joe Yellow or Casco to name a few. From underground club music to catchy pop acts, italo had its footprint everywhere. It was also widely supported by DJs, from Chicago to London, from Berlin to Moscow, from Stockholm to Lisbon. When house music took it’s place in Europe, some of the producers started to produce house music as well, some moved to Japan to continue their italo adventure in a bit faster form called euro beat. Years have passed but the catchy italo melodies, the warm sound of the synths and beat of the drums machines remained alive in the hearts of its fans. But in the 21st century it was reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. Old italo disco producers started to deliver new songs, using their old synths and bringing their cool sound back to live. Strong echoes of it are also audible in the music movement called synthwave, nu italo or nu disco, usually produced by young artists deeply inspired by 80s synth music, including italo of course. And finally there is also a music genre called “italo new generation” and the scene is really strong and full of artists trying to copy not only the sound, but also way of singing and melody lines of genuine italo disco and euro disco. And this compilation is about all this great revolt. It delivers new tunes or fresh remixes of italo giants such as Digital Emotion, Aleph, Some Bizarre, Dyva or Fred Ventura accompanied by fresh synthwave, synth pop, nu italo or new generation acts such as Knight$, Evanton, Maxthor, Andy Fox or Foreign Boy. An explosive selection of fresh sound inspired by retro. Part of the tracks were produced exclusivly for this compilation and are unavailable anywhere else.


  1. DIGITAL EMOTION – FULL CONTROL (Original Mix) 6:04
  2. MAXTHOR – HUNTERS (Extended Edit) 5:28
  3. ITALOCONNECTION – NEON DISCO (Also Playable Mono Remix) 6:58
  4. MAGIC SYSTEM DJ – FROZEN HEARTS (Extended Version) 6:20
  5. ALEPH – FLY TO ME (Italoconnection Remix) 5:36
  6. EVANTON – ILLUSION (Original Mix) 5:55
  7. KNIGHT$ – SO COLD (Extended APM Edit) 5:09
  8. ANDY FOX FT. VANNA – DAYDREAM (Original Mix) 6:36
  10. SOME BIZARRE – DON’T BE AFRAID (Flemming Dalum Remix) 5:57
  11. DYVA – HARSH WIND (Corba B Shocking Bell Mix) 6:50
  12. FOREIGN BOY – DISCO QUEENS (Original Mix) 4:57