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D.White – One Wish

D.White – One Wish

Label: Analog Language

Release date: 05.06.2017

Catalog number: AL10


Follow Me
One Wish
Generous Love
D.White feat. K. Lelyukhin
All The Story Is History

If you have been a fan of Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue, Lian Ross or Mr. Zivago back in the 80s, or you discovered their music recently but suffer of lack of new productions similar to those, D.White is coming with help. The album “One Wish” is full of songs inspired by above mentioned 80s legends, great, catchy melodies with smooth and velvet vocals and high quality production. It is without a doubt one of the best italo/euro disco productions of new era this year. Once you listen to it, you will turn the repeat mode on.


  1. Follow Me
  2. One Wish
  3. Walking
  4. One Day
  5. Only You And Me
  6. Generous Love (feat. K. Lelyukhin)
  7. Wonderful Day
  8. No Connect
  9. Is Not The Rain (feat. Soulya ID)
  10. December
  11. Dance With Me (feat. Soulya ID)
  12. All The Story Is History